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Avantone Pro Pro MP1 MixPhones Headphones

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The MixPhone MP1 is the creation of industry professional and end users that need more than just another headphone. This elegant piece of industrial audio jewelry is made to sound as good as it looks. From the choice of materials to create a physical enclosure to meet audio needs and visual aesthetics, to the generous ear cups designed comfortably isolate and enclose any ear lobe, these are professionally designed for serious users.

The MP1's unique design allows the user to move between normal neutrally voiced stereo field, monaural (mono), and a specially contoured mix mode that focuses the midrange frequencies to simulate the sound of Avantone's Mixcubes and allow better articulation of critical mix frequencies. The generous padding and pivot design ensure a comfortable fit for all day and use in the most demanding environments.


• Triple-mode headphones
• Vari-Voice lets you switch between normal stereo, mono, and Mix mode
• Mix mode focuses your attention on the critical midrange frequencies
• Cushy, pivoting earcups and padded head strap for comfort during marathon sessions
• 18Hz-25kHz frequency response lets you hear every nuance of your mixes
• Large-format 50mm drivers for clean, powerful reproduction of any signal
• 113dB (IEC-318@1mW)@ 1kHz SPL handles peaks with composure
• Ships with 2 removable cables: 1/8" TRS termination, 3m straight; 1-meter spring collapsible
• 1/4" TRS threaded adapters included
• Closed back
• Circumaural (Around the Ear) Fit
• Driver Size: 50mm
• Frequency Response: 18Hz-25kHz
• Impedance: 16 ohms
• Cable Type: Straight, Replaceable
• Cable Length: 9.8 ft.
• Plug Size: 1/8" plug, 1/4" adapter

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Unlike some mixing headphones that don't put out much volume, these put out a big sound which is so useful while mastering. Not just loud but clear, well-defined and honest sound. If you're using it for recording vocals, remember you can always turn down the levels in the headphone monitor in your DAW so that's our from headphones doesn't bleed into the vocal track through the mic. The mixcube C setting is useful, although I think the best way to achieve this goal is still by using common laptop and desktop speakers and cheap $10 USB speakers from Amazon or your local Dollar store. You will get a good mix with these. Also if you use it to merely listen to music, it's going to make your favourite tunes sound better and more 'defined' with very little fake bias.
Posted by Rajeev on Oct 30, 2018
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