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Ricci Appassionato Carbon Cello - Carbon

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The cello "Appassionato" Edition are great instruments for classical music and perfect for professionals in the crossover sector. The latest technology, and specific and innovative fiber combinations, position these instruments as closely as possible to quality wooden string instruments. In regard to sound and optics they represent a significant step forward to the existing instruments.


  • Body constructed on complex, innovative graduated layers

  • Sophisticated high-tech PrePreg technology, no fiber deformation, not even in the ribs

  • Highest quality ebony wood fingerboard

  • Wooden bridge

  • Wittner fine-tuning pegs

  • Elegant "scroll"

  • Wittner tailpiece

  • Carbon end pin

  • UV stable clear coat finish

Advantages to Carbon instruments:

• Carbon is three times heavier than wood based on its density, but three times stiffer than wood,thus thinner wall thicknesses are possible
• Carbon transmits sound three times faster than wood
• Carbon has less inner damping
• Carbon is not prone to weather effects such as moisture, heat, cold
• Carbon, in regard to its fiber properties, can be processed much more precisely
• Carbon is much more robust mechanically than wood (risk of damage)

Please note: Due to the materials used, the minimum break-in phase for Ricci Carbon Instruments is approx. 8 weeks depending on your daily playing time. They will improve as they are played...
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