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Neumann TLM 103 w/ Shockmount & Case - Satin Nickel Finish

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The TLM 103 is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. By utilizing the tried and true transformerless circuit found in numerous Neumann microphones, the TLM 103 features yet unattained low self-noise and the highest sound pressure level transmission. The capsule, derived from that used in the U 87, has a cardioid pattern, is acoustically well-balanced and provides extraordinary attenuation of signals from the rear.


• TLM 103 Microphone in satin nickel or matte black finish
• Swivel mount
• EA 1 Elastic Suspension Shockmount
• Adapter for all common microphone stand threads
• Aluminum Case


Due to the universal cardioid pattern, straightforward handling, extremely low self-noise level, and finally, the price, the TLM 103 is predestined for all demanding applications from home recording to professional broadcasting and commercial recording studios. Common applications include:

  • Vocalist recording

  • Announcer's mic for broadcasting/voice over

  • Due to minimal self-noise: on-air mic for radio/broadcast, very low amplitude signals, radio drama, sampling, foley/sound effects

  • Home recording and project studios

  • Spot mic for: wind instruments, strings, percussion, guitar amps, drum overhead

Polar pattern

The TLM 103 is equipped with a large diaphragm capsule with cardioid pattern. By focusing on this pattern used in most recording situations the attenuation of unwanted rear sound has been optimized. Off-axis sounds are rendered naturally while isolation is increased. This also leads to a high feedback suppression when the microphone is used in live situations or where loudspeaker playback is a factor.

Acoustic features

The TLM 103 is addressed from the front, marked with the red Neumann logo on the microphone body. The K 103 large diaphragm capsule is based on the K 87, well known from the U 67 / U 87 microphones.The capsule has a flat frequency response up to about 5 kHz, and above that, a wide flat 4 dB presence boost.

The large wire mesh headgrille protects the capsule from plosive sounds and effectively prevents pop noises. These characteristics are achieved without resorting to corrective resonance effects. Therefore, the microphone maintains an excellent impulse response and reproduces the finest details of music and speech without coloration.

Electrical features

With just 7 dB-A / 17.5 dB CCIR the self-noise level of the TLM 103 is so reduced that even the smallest signals are reproduced basically noise-free. It is capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 138 dB without distortion.

The letters TLM stand for "transformerless microphone". With TLM technology the usual output transformer is replaced by an electronic circuit. As with traditional transformers, it ensures good common mode rejection, and prevents RF interference that may influence the balanced audio signal.

Operational safety

The entire internal construction is elastically mounted to attenuate any structure borne noise that could interfere with the TLM 103's operation. Furthermore the capsule is set on an elastic mount. The frequency range reaches below 20 Hz and thus even very low bass signals are reproduced without colouration.

Due to this low frequency extension, the TLM 103 is more sensitive to structure borne interference and wind noise. For most situations it is recommended to use the elastic suspension EA 1, and the windscreen WS 87 is an optional accessory. For close vocal use, the PS 15 or PS 20 pop screens are recommended.

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This mic is great. Its a very flat mic up to 3k, and then has a rise in HF from about 3K up until about 12-13K where it rolls off at a pretty aggressive slope(about 12db/OC). Its a very smooth sounding lift and doesnt sound overly bright or harsh. Quite similar to a U87ai but has abit more hype in the high end than a U87. The U87ai is even flatter, and one of the reasons it is a common and sought after studio staple, because it just captures the truth. This mic almost reminds me of some AKG C414's but just abit smoother and less airy. Its also a very good choice for drums and stuff where you have fast transients. I like this mic on OH's or Mono OH without a doubt, and a great choice for tom's, outside kick etc where you want to capture a very natural image and process it how you want. On the right vox, it can be real nice, and on guitar and bass it captures what the amp sounds like very well. I definitely reccomend it.
Posted by J.Cassidy on May 28, 2020
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