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Amadeus Flutes Limited 60th Anniversary L&M Flute, Offset

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Limited stock available in select stores only

Our 60th Anniversary flute is available as either inline or offset, with an engraved lip plate and leather case cover.

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I moved over from a Gemeinhardt to the Amadeus 680 after copious amounts of research. I had long been told that my Gemeinhardt was holding me back (even if I didn't realize it), but I didn't really believe it until I got out there and started trying new flutes, particularly the Amadeus. I settled on the 680 for its balance between price-point and sound quality, as well as its balance between materials as well -- you get the solid silver head, with a silver plate body, which is a good balance for me right now. I was also looking for an instrument with a 'unique' flare, something that sets my instrument apart from others. Some people may consider this a worthless endeavor since what impact does it have on sound? But for me, it is a pride in my instrument to just be a little different than the person next to me, even if I'm the only one who knows it. The scrollwork / engraving on the mouthpiece and the engraving on the crown that came with the 60th anniversary edition allowed me to get that unique flare, without having to break the bank. The Classic Haynes headjoint immediately allows development of a farm more clear, crisp sound that was woefully lacking even with great effort on my previous instrument. It was noticeable even to the other people in my life who are much less musically-inclined, to hear such a significant difference. Tone production effort-wise, in addition to quality, was also an immediate upgrade (requiring far less effort to produce quality sound). The offset-G was a lifesaver from my previous flute's Inline G, I think I will never go back to an inline. While this particular model does not sport the split-E mechanism, my previous flute didn't have it either, so I'm luckily not missing what I've never had. The anniversary edition comes with a certificate stating that it is "x of 60" units produced, which again is part of that uniqueness for me. It has the engraving mentioned above, and the leather case is embossed as well with the 60th Anniversary letterwork. Overall I recommend this flute for being a quality product at a good price-point, with just a touch of uniqueness for those of us who are looking for it!
Posted by Heather on Jun 10, 2018
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