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Mel Bay International Fiddle Method - Berthoud - Book/Audio Online

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Author: Philip John Berthoud
Format: Book with Audio Online
Instrumentation: Fiddle

This book will teach you to play the fiddle through inspiring traditional music from around the world, arranged specifically for the instrument. The material is ideal for beginners and requires no prior musical knowledge. More experienced fiddle players can benefit from an exciting array of tunes and ideas. Includes access to online audio performed at manageable tempos.

  • Introduction/About the Author
  • The Fiddle
  • The Bow and other accessories
  • Holding the Fiddle
  • Holding the Bow
  • Making a Sound
  • Tuning the Fiddle
  • Reading and Playing Music - first steps
  • Bowing
  • Fingering on the 4th string
  • More on Reading Music
  • Fingering on the other strings
  • Important Points
  • Kojo No Tsuki Japan
  • Sakura-Sakura Japan
  • Defune Japan
  • J'ai Vu Le Loup France
  • Makhila Spain
  • Katyusha Russia
  • Korobochka Russia
  • Harry Gidleys Waltz England
  • 6/8 time signature
  • Ceilog y Rhedyn Wales
  • Slurring
  • Flitter Dance Isle of Man
  • Menoka Dance India
  • Pandeirada de Escairon Spain
  • Im Klom de Boon al Oppe Holland
  • Morayi Tovorgoon Mongolia
  • Branle France
  • Hunt the Squirrel England
  • The little finger
  • Idir Dehrig Scotland
  • Over the Hills and Far Away England
  • Yan Tox Guatemala
  • Rests
  • Basque Jig Spain
  • De Dood van Pierlala Holland
  • Waltz from Levkivka Ukraine
  • Tzarignaire Russia
  • The Mill Belongs to Sandy Australia
  • Slides
  • Joe Yates' First Set Tune Australia
  • Louis' Waltz U.S.A.
  • The Old Dutch Churn Canada
  • M'saddar ya nas a-me Algeria
  • Bahcevanci Turkey
  • Pashto Song Afghanistan
  • All notes learned so far
  • Accenting
  • The Little Finger
  • Tripping up the Stairs Ireland
  • Cronins Hornpipe Ireland
  • The Maid Behind the Bar Ireland
  • Son Para Entragar a la Novia Mexico
  • Tune in G Guadeloupe
  • Alborada de Pontecaldelas Spain
  • Remenda o Refaixo Spain
  • Jig from Galicia Spain
  • Fraggossiriani Greece
  • Rada Pere Macedonia
  • Lama Rwanda
  • Beale Street Blues U.S.A.
  • St. Louis Blues U.S.A.
  • Flop-Eared Mule U.S.A.
  • Touchia Algeria
  • Bert Jamison's Australia
  • The Little River Australia
  • The Hills of Glenorchy Scotland
  • Dawns y Pistyll Wales
  • Rhwng Dwy Wales
  • Frayleleh Israel
  • Bisdot Bet-lechem Israel
  • Hava Netze Bamachol Israel
  • Metsakukkia Finland
  • Kautisten Polka Finland
  • Waltz in D minor Sweden
  • Waltz in A minor Sweden
  • La Grande Chaine Canada
  • Tarantella in D minor Italy
  • Tarantella in A minor Italy
  • Hora Mare Romania
  • Maria Chibu Congo
  • Podrimsko Oro Albania
  • A l'ouchaq fnit ana Morocco
  • Laghran bayen fiyya Morocco
  • Al mout ba-ddra' Morocco
  • Dance Egypt
  • La Paloma Venezuela
  • Castillian Trinidad
  • Tune in D Guadeloupe
  • Karallanta Bolivia
  • Mosaico Tradicional Venezuela
  • Malembe Venezuela
  • La Partida Venezuela
  • Dance from Rajasthan India
  • Extract from Shin-Kinuta Japan
  • Sai Ma China
  • Ping Hu Qiu Yue China
  • Hoir Sit Gild Mongolia
  • 7/8 time signature
  • Hopa Horunu Turkey
  • Kucata Bulgaria
  • Friend, Since You Want to Marry Greece
  • I Had One Love Greece
  • Daichovo Chara Bulgaria
  • Krepatka Bulgaria
  • Mawwal Syria
  • Trapizontsinerti par Armenia
  • Shalakho Armenia
  • Double-stops
  • Louis Waltz with double-stops U.S.A.
  • Castillian with double-stops Trinidad
  • Bahcevanci with double-stops Turkey
  • Hunt the Squirrel with double-stops England
  • The Mill Belongs to Sandy with doublestops
  • Australia
  • Effective Practice
  • Traditional Music and Language
  • Posture
  • Playing with and learning from other musicians
  • Glossary with page references
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