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ART Pro Audio Multi-Pattern Side Address Studio Condenser w/Pad & Roll Off

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The ART C3 multi-pattern wide diaphragm condenser microphone is one of the most versatile microphones available for your studio toolkit. Three selectable polar patterns, two position low frequency roll-off and two position pad switch on the body of the microphone ensure the C3 can easily be applied to virtually any recording or live application.

The ART C3 is the microphone of choice for recording critical tracks including solo vocals, saxophones, flutes, brass or woodwinds, acoustic guitars or acoustic bass. It excels anywhere superior sound quality is required, yet subtlety and clarity is paramount.

Due to its rugged construction and ability to handle high SPL, the C3 is an outstanding choice for live sound reinforcement or live recording applications. It can handle the levels you'd see on an overhead mic for drum kits or in front of guitar or bass cabinets.

Controls on the microphone itself include a -6 & -12dB pad switch, allowing distortion-free reproduction of extremely loud at-source signals, and a two position -12dB/octave low frequency roll off at 100Hz & 200Hz that reduces unnecessary low end 'boominess' and low frequency interference.

The included heavy-duty shock-mount suspension virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise, while at the same time safely securing the microphone in any position needed during the recording process.

Multiple Polar Patterns:
A Cardioid polar pattern is the standard setting for almost all applications. It will give you the best results on most voice and a wide range of instruments. It offers full frequency response off of the front of the microphone.

The advantage of proximity effect (increased low frequency response when microphone is placed close to sound source*) and excellent noise rejection from the sides and back, or 180' position of the microphone.

The cardioid pattern is ideal for single instrument or vocal use. The pattern picks up only sound directly in front of the mic. Sound from the other direction is rejected.

In live sound applications and remote recording ART C3 cardioid pattern offers excellent feedback rejection and better isolation and will give you the best results on most vocal applications and a wide range of solo instruments including background brass and woodwinds, acoustic stringed instruments (violin, viola and cello), drums and percussion. Note: The cardioid symbol on the microphone housing denotes the 'live side', or front face of the microphone that in all cases should face the performer.

The Omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound equally from all around the microphone. This is mostly used for recording ambient sounds, or when recording in an exceptionally good sounding live room where the character, ambiance and tone of the studio needs to be recorded, as well as the source voice or instrument. It would also be the ideal choice for picking up audience interaction in a live recording situation.

The Bi-directional or Figure-8 polar pattern will hear sound from both front and back. This is ideal for recording a solo vocal or instrument with limited proximity effect, better off-axis rejection (limited interference from the sides of the microphone) while still picking up room ambience or natural reverberation from behind the microphone. It also can be used for or duet vocals or for recording harmony vocals with two vocalists.

*Vocalists can use the proximity effect to their advantage, adding fullness and more 'bottom end' to the voice. Experienced vocalists can easily incorporate it as part of their overall microphone technique. Again, experimentation with mic placement during the recording process is the key. The omnidirectional polar pattern does not exhibit this effect.

As a condenser microphone, the ART C3 requires phantom power to operate. The microphone's precision-tooled microphone body and dent resistant stainless-steel wire-mesh windscreen protects the internal electronics and microphone capsule ensuring unmatched long term reliability.

The C3 comes equipped with an extremely secure custom shockmount. Aluminium carry case included.


• Exceptionally Warm Sounding FET Design
• Smooth Frequency Response
• Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Figure-8 Polar Patterns
• Two Position Pad & Two Position High Pass Filter Switches
• 34mm Gold Sputtered Diaphragm
• Wide Dynamic Range with Low Noise Floor
• Secure Cradle Mount and Hard Case Included


Type: Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone
Capsule: 34mm Diaphragm Side Address
Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Figure-8, Omnidirectional
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Max SPL: 132dB
S/N Ratio: 78dB
Sensitivity: -37dB (+/-2dB)
Self Noise: 16dB A
Impedance: 150 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: 1000 ohms
Power Requirement: 48v Phantom Power
Dimensions: 2.2" x 6.6" (57mm x 168.5mm)

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I've used the C3 for almost a year for recording close-in vocals (cardioid) and group vocal overdubs (figure 8 or omni) in a home studio. Commenting on microphones has to be the highest form of indefensible opinion, but here goes. Our previous go-to vocal recording mic was an AKG C214. I went looking for a reasonably priced comparable mic but with multi-pattern capability and discovered the C3 which is feature-wise closer to the wickedly high priced AKG C414. We have taken to calling the C3 "butter" because of the nice warm, soft sound it offers. It doesn't cut like the C214 which has a harder edged sound. The C3 doesn't need a lot of EQ to arrive at a well framed vocal aura. You can almost pretty much plug it in and roll. As a versatile, won't let you down and won't disappoint you mic, this puppy is a steal. I know it is marketed to do a lot more than vocals, but it does such a great job of that I've not had a chance to try it elsewhere in our rock recording set up. The finish is the only compromise in quality I've noted. Its painted and it can be marked if not careful but its a microphone not a hammer so this doesn't take much away from what an awesome mic this is. Like all ART Pro Audio products, they offer surprisingly outstanding performance for what you would think is a ridiculously low price. The C3 is exactly this. I add this up to be great value. I'd buy another when needed without reservation or having to suffer any moaning from my bandmates. Highly recommended.
Posted by Happy to be anonymous on Dec 8, 2016
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