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Fender TBX (Treble Bass Expander) Tone Control Potentiometer Kit

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The Treble Bass Expander (TBX) is a detented, stacked 250K / 1Meg control that enhances your tonal palette. It functions as a standard tone control from 1 to 5; after 5 it decreases resistance, letting more bass, treble, presence and output flow.

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The TBX is on many guitars whether they be really high end Fenders or signature models such as an Eric Clapton model. The blend pot in this can give you many options not just giving the illusion of expanding the bass and treble if you go on your guitar forum of choice but two or three polyester capacitors, a plastic knob and a resistor do not justify the price they asked for considering this isn't assembled. You can get most of the parts from a store that sells electronics surplus. If I was Fender I'd get their department making their chinese line of products to put these together. This tone knob is a fantastic investment not just for those who own Fender guitars. I talked plenty of non-fender guys to try a much more metal guitar with one of these in and everyone liked it. You can use them on Gibsons, Ibanez or that brand I'm not mentioning. Unlike the classic tone knob the bass cut portion of this something metal or rock players will actually use instead of flattening out their tone. Personally I like the fender greasebucket more for the 2nd portion of mine, it's sort of like a high pass filter removing noise at high gain settings with tones of distortion to clear the pickups up with lots of treble. The only problem is most guys keep every knob at 10 and that isn't the idea with the TBX you're supposed to keep it in the middle as in 5 where it goes stiff. There is nothing wrong with your overpriced probably American guitar this came stock with. That is called a center detent. my big tips make a template if you're not a strat guy or use pickguards to keep it steady, cardboard is your friend and tape usually you tin contacts prior to starting , in this case it may be easier to not tin them , put the components through and solder. This is an easy mod to do. Strat guys put this to "0" to cut treble and bass in all 5 positions, les paul or SG guys google it, it's not hard. Forums will give you plenty of out of the box ideas what to do with these too.
Posted by anyone on Feb 23, 2016
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