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Line 6 Distortion Modeler

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Why is it that something considered so undesirable in most contexts is the one thing we guitarists desire most of all? Distortion: Its the gritty heart of every players sound, whether your passion be for mild overdrive, singing sustain, flat-out raunch or precision metal meltdown. Whats that? Your heartstrings pine for all of those flavors? Welcome to the DM4 Distortion Modeler, the first and only pedal that lays virtually every classic distortion pedal at your feet (okay, 16 different models, to be precise!), while throwing in a few forward-thinking Line 6 specials to give you something to lust for down the line.

Its just not practical to line up an MXR Micro Amp, a Chandler Tube Driver, an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer, a Boss Metal Zone and twelve more coveted distortion boxes at a live gig down at Sparkys Bar & Grill, and even if it was, youd end up with more noise than a Manhattan traffic jam. No worries: The DM4 lets you dial in models based on• all of these classic boxesand more, including the Arbiter Fuzz Face, Big Muff Pi and ProCo Rat, as well as the more inside Colorsound Overdriver and Vox Tone Benderfrom a simple and rugged steel housing with four metal footswitches that allow you to save and recall four distinct sounds in memory, with six front-panel parameter knobs that give you control over drive, frequency and more.

Whether you power up the DM4 using four C batteries (weve even included a set) or with the optional PX-2G adaptor, youll be getting dirty while staying cleanthe 24-bit signal path means every nuance of those grungy classics comes through loud and clear. Wanna take your distortions to the outer limits? Check out the brilliant octave-fuzz of our models based on the Tychobrahe Octavia and PAiA Roctave Divider; hit a perfect swoosh with our Roland Jet Phaser model, or go completely over the top with our very own Line 6 Distortion, custom-made for mouthy musical mayhem.

In just a single box, youll find the torrid timbres that players like Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather and others have made part of our collective consciousness, and the DM4 will give you the means to transform those classic tone recipes into something utterly your own. If distortion is your passion, the DM4 will be love at first bite.

Available Models:
Tube Drive
Classic Distortion
Heavy Distortion
Buzz Saw
Facial Fuzz
Jumbo Fuzz
Fuzz Pi
Jet Fuzz
Line 6 Drive
Line 6 Distortion
Sub Octave Fuzz
Octave Fuzz

Digital Effects: 16
Factory Presets: 18
User Programmable Channels: 4
Controls: Drive, Bass/Jet Fdbk, Mid/Sub/Comp, Treble/Jet Rate, Volume/Gate
Additional Controls: EX-1 Expression Pedal (optional)
Mono/ Stereo: Mono in, Mono out
Chassis Color: Gold
Dimensions: 10-inches/25.4 cm; Width/Depth: 6-inches/15.24 cm; Height: 2.5-inches; Weight: 3.1 lbs
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