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Yorkville Sound Elite Series Powered Speaker - 15 inch / 2 inch - 1000 Watts

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The EF500P redefines performance in a high-power professional active loudspeaker enclosure. Utilizing the popular lite EF508 as a base, and adding a total of 1000 watts (program) of bi-amped power and advanced signal processing, the EF500P is destined to set a new standard for active loudspeaker design. The woofer or low frequency amplifier uses Class D switching technology to reduce overall weight of the amplifier section. This solution allows the horn to produce loud clean transients to keep up with the high output of the woofer. The two-tier amplifier technology isn't typically seen in a product like this, however we found the advantages (lower weight, more efficiency, higher headroom and lower operating temperature) made it a perfect choice for powering the top end.

This combination of amplifier technologies keeps distortion to a minimum while reducing the heat dissipation to a level low enough to eliminate the need for heavy heatsinks for the overall power stage. As an additional advantage, our unique combination of two-tier and Class D amplification has reduced extraneous heat to the point that EF500P can easily be used in any orientation, and close to walls, floors and in close arrays with multiple cabinets. We have found that competitive active loudspeakers with large finned heatsinks need to be operated vertically and with clearance to ensure proper heat dissipation and ventilation. Since the EF500P is ideal for flying in large clusters and in point source concert sound systems, our designers took extra care making sure that in tight clusters overheating would not be an issue.

EF500P - Mixer / Amplifier Module

We've also found an opportunity to tweak the electronics for maximum overall speaker performance and protection. Borrowing some ideas from our powerful and popular TX Series PA systems, the limiters used in the input and crossover stages are a complex combination of gain reduction and sweeping filters. As the EF500P is being pushed to its maximum input / output levels, it's advanced filtering begins rolling off unnecessary subsonic frequencies. In addition the processing protects the individual components ensuring failure free operation even after long term operation at close to maximum output levels. The filter has remarkable (less than 70ms) response times, allowing the system to constantly be retuning itself to make sure the output is as clean, as loud and as clear as possible at any given moment. This is achieved without negatively affecting the overall sonic quality of the cabinet. This ensures that the essential part of any mix, like the vocals or solo instruments, come out clean and clear when the cabinet is being operated at the extremes of power and woofer excursion. Extremely fast and accurate limiting is in place to protect the speaker components.

The EF500P has a built in mixer allows the loudspeaker to be used directly with a microphone and / or line source. The loop output allows additional active cabinets to be driven from one cabinet's mixer stage, or a series of cabinets to be driven from one source. If desired, the end user can combine a pair of the EF500P's using the mixer inputs on each cabinet and coupling the loop outputs. In this simple example you would have the ideal presentation system with two microphone inputs, two line inputs optimized for CD, Cassette or laptop computer audio source, complete within two speaker cabinets. Many of our active cabinets can be linked together but a maximum of three 'mixers' can be active at any one time. (Making three mic sources and six line sources available in any three or more cabinet array). The microphone input has equalization and high pass filtering appropriate for vocal applications. The trim control allows looped cabinets to be individually adjusted in level. This is invaluable in applications where large numbers of cabinets are used such as clusters or in trade show applications or when EF500P's are used as repeater cabinets or for side fill. The 100 Hz high pass filters allows the EF500P to be used more efficiently with any active subwoofer.

• Strong plywood cabinet patterned after our proven EF508
• Ultra-clear reproduction throughout bandwidth
• Lightweight, high efficiency, high tech, 800 Watt Bi-amped power module
• Proven TX style processing and component protection
• True 2" Exit/3" Titanium diaphragm horn driver
• Proven low distortion / high power handling 15" woofer
• +/- 6dB input trim control for individual cabinet level adjustment
• XLR and TRS inputs / outputs for easy connection and looping
• Multi-input source mixer for direct inputs
• Direct microphone input with level control
• Two way overall EQ controls
• Integrated flying hardware (3/8" threaded holes)
• Tough, full length metal grille
• Recessed Mixer panels

• System Type: 2-Way
• Active or Passive: Active
• Program Power (Watts): 1000 Watts (1800 Watts Peak)
• Max SPL (dB): 133dB Peak (127dB Continuous)
• Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB): 50 - 16k
• Crossover Frequency (Hz): 2100
• Driver Configuration: 15-inch, 2-inch
• HF Driver(s): 3-inch Titanium Voicecoil (2-inch exit)
• HF Dispersion ( DEG H x DEG V): 60x40
• HF Protection: Thermal / Peak Limiter
• LF Driver(s): 15-inch ceramic magnet w/4-inch voicecoil
• LF Protection: Thermal / Peak Limiter
• HF Amplifier Type: Class H
• LF Power Amplifier (Watts): 650
• LF Amplifier Type: Class D
• Power Cable: Yes
• Power Switch: Yes
• Inputs - 1/4 IN Jacks: 2 line inputs, 2 link (in/out)
• Inputs - XLR: 1 mic, 2 link (in/out)
• Input Impedance (Bal/UnBal): 95KOhms / 90kOhms
• Input Sensitivity (Vrms Sine): +4dBv / 1.23V (+/-6dB with trim control)
• Mixer Controls:
- +/- 6dB Trim control
- Mic Input w/level
- 2x 1/4" Line Input w/level
- Treble/Bass Tweak
- 100Hz HP Filter (LF Rolloff)
• Corners: Black Metal
• Feet: Plastic Glides
• Included Hardware: 3/8 inch x 9 (All Corners)
• Bar Handles: 2 Side
• Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8 IN -3.5cm): 1 Bottom
• Enclosure Materials: 15mm Baltic Birch Plywood
• Grille: Heavy gauge perforated metal
• Covering / Finish: Black Ozite (Carpet)
• Optional Covering / Finishes: Black Ultrathane Paint (EF500PB) 18mm Birch
• Dimensions (DWH xbackW COM inches): 14.5 x 18.6 x 28.2 x 11.1
• Dimensions (DWH xbackW COM cm): 71.6 x 36.8 x 47.2 x 28.1
• Weight (lbs/kg): 82.9 / 37.6

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Incredible power, quality, with no distortion at all! Had my set for many years of reliable use. Highly recommended.
Posted by B. Stevens on Oct 25, 2012
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