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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III - Faded Cherry

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The Ultra-III - Where Tradition Meets Technology: We all know that deep down, most guitarists love classic designs and shapes. That's why Epiphone has designed the new Les Paul Ultra-III with the same look and features of a traditional Les Paul but added new technology giving you a guitar that's still a real Les Paul but also so much more!

Two Great Pickup Systems in One Guitar: At the heart of the new Ultra-III are two pickup systems. Powering the first are Epiphone's new ProBucker humbucking pickups patterned after Gibson's famous BurstBuckers. With authentic 18% nickel silver base and cover, Elektrisola wire, accurate bobbins, slugs and screws, and sand casted Alnico-II magnets, the Ultra-III pickups replicate that classic "Patent Applied For" airy tone that defined rock and roll. The second system features Shadow Germany's patented NanoMag pickup embedded discretely at the end of the fingerboard. Featuring three samarium cobalt magnets, an air coil, and active electronics, this low-impedance pickup captures all the subtle body acoustics and string harmonics. Together, you get powerful humbucker-driven rock crunch as well as shimmering acoustic-like tones and everything in-between.

One-Of-A-Kind Electrics Built-in: If you thought the Ultra-II was jam-packed with modern features, you won't believe what Epiphone has designed into the Ultra-III. Built discretely into the bridge pickup mounting ring is a full-function, chromatic tuner. Push it's ON/OFF button and sound is immediately muted when the tuner is activated. Eleven color-coded LED's identify the note as well as whether it's sharp, flat or in-tune. Also, to allow quick and seamless changes between each pickup system, the Ultra-III's NanoMag Volume knob now doubles as an A/B switch. Just push it in and quickly toggle between Magnetic, NanoMag or both pickup systems with no delay and no "pop." Two additional LED's on the pickup mounting ring provide a visual indicator of which pickup system is active (Red=NanoMag; Blue-Magnetic or Red/Blue=Both).

Hook-Up Directly To Your Computer: The Ultra-III features three different outputs. By using the standard 1/4" MONO output, both the humbuckers and NanoMag are mixed into one signal. When you plug another 1/4" cable into the Ultra III's STEREO output, the humbuckers are routed through one cable and the NanaMag the other. In this way, you can send the humbuckers to your favourite guitar amp and the NanoMag to the PA or an acoustic guitar amp. Using the A/B switch, you can now change "on-the-fly" between the two outputs. The third output is USB. Using a USB cable (included), you can plug directly into your computer and use guitar applications such as Native Instruments GuitarRig 4LE (software included, downloadable from Epiphone.com) to play your guitar through a variety of simulated amplifiers and effects while listening through your computer speakers or headphones. GuitarRig also features a recorder, a metronome, a tuner and more.

Great Tone Woods and Hardware: While the Ultra-III is packed with technology, it still maintains the same basic specifications that made Epiphone Les Paul's the choice of so many guitarists including a solid mahogany body with glued-in mahogany neck and comfortable SlimTaper neck profile, a flame Maple veneer top and Rosewood fingerboard. The result is a modern guitar with that classic Les Paul tone and sustain. Like most Epiphone's, it's also equipped with Epi's patent-applied-for LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and LockTone Stopbar tailpiece for increased sustain and string changing ease as well as quality Grover 16:1 machine heads for tuning accuracy and stability.

Body: Chambered Mahogany w/ Belly-Scarf
Top : AAA Flame Maple Veneer
Neck: Mahogany, Slim Taper; D Profile, Glued-in; Mortise and Tenon
Dimensions: 24.75 Scale, 1-11/16 Nut Width, 12 Fingerboard Radius
Fingerboard: Rosewood with mother-of-pearl trapezoid inlays
Pickups: Epiphone ProBucker-2 (neck), Epiphone ProBucker-3 (Bridge)
Fingerboard Pickup: Shadow NanoMag Low-Impedance Pickup
Binding: Fingerboard and Body: 1 ply, Cream
Frets: 22; Medium-Jumbo
Bridge: LockTone Tune-o-matic/stopbar
Hardware: Nickel
Machine Heads: Grover 16: 1 Tuners
Strings: Gibson Brite Wires 10-46

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I bought this guitar for my birthday and after playing it for a few as I realized that a couple of the notes didn't sound right so I took it in to long and mcquade and they told me the neck was warped. They gave me another one and it had the same problem. All of them had warped necks. Eventually after coming back to the store several times I decided to buy something else. I got a Gibson les Paul instead, and you can really notice the difference in quality
Posted by anonymous on Sep 22, 2012
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