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RME ADI-2 DAC FS Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz AD/DA Converter with Remote

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Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz DA Converter

The ADI-2 DAC includes an improved SteadyClock, a fine-tuned to perfection analog circuitry, new MRC remote control, Extreme Power headphone output and a very special IEM output. It has all the bells and whistles that made the ADI-2 Pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full DSP processing with Bass, Treble, Loudness, 5 Band Parametric EQ, Crossfeed and much more. With its simplified operation and stunning design it is the ideal center piece from home listening up to studio reference playback.

The ADI-2 DAC is the home and hi-fi optimized version of the ADI-2 Pro, a studio AD/DA converter of the highest quality. With many fresh ideas, innovative features and numerous useful functions, the ADI-2 DAC quickly became the reference. Thanks to its combination of high-end DA conversion with two exceptional headphone IEM outputs and a remote control, it has received countless enthusiastic reviews for its sound, flexibility, and technical capabilities.

The current version of the ADI-2 DAC comes with an extended remote control, a further improved DA conversion and an adapted analog output stage for even better noise and distortion values. To address the home and HiFi users, RME exchanged some of the Pro's studio features with typical home and HiFi ones. With an adapted feature set and much simplified operation RME proudly presents the ADI-2 DAC. Built on the technology, concept and features of the ADI-2 Pro, the DAC concentrates on DA conversion in top high-end quality, along with two exceptional headphone and IEM outputs.

Packed into the compact half 19" format factor, this little gem is filled with the finest high-end electronics, offering a reference class conversion from SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical (ADAT compatible) and USB to RCA, XLR, TRS and mini-TRS.

As the most versatile DAC available, the ADI-2 DAC offers balanced/unbalanced analog I/Os, an Extreme Power headphone output, a super low noise IEM output, SteadyClock FS, 4-stage hardware output level control, DSP-based signal processing, external power supply operation, Class Compliant USB compatibility, sample rates up to 768 kHz as well as DSD and Direct DSD playback. The SPDIF input signal can even be recorded via USB - as one would expect from RME the DAC is a true 2 channel Full Duplex audio interface.

Improving DA
The updated ADI-2 DAC uses AKM's AK4493 in a special circuit variant developed by RME engineers that allows the chip to perform at its best. With noise levels of 123 dBA, distortion less than -120 dB, or THD+N of -116 dB, the device delivers outstanding measured values. Even the IEM output, with -118 dBu already the world's lowest noise headphone output, improves to a sensational -121 dBu. In addition, there is 4 dB of digital headroom, so that even high intersample peaks do not produce any audible distortion. Finally, the device now also offers a clear reserve in volume setting. +2.5 dB result in a still undistorted analog output signal.

New extended Multi-Remote Support (MRC)
The ADI-2 DAC remote control provides buttons for standby on/off, volume, balance, bass and treble, input selection (optical, coaxial, USB), mute, on/off loudness, bass/treble and EQ. In addition, there are four programmable buttons that provide access to 32 different functions and commands for maximum flexibility. There is no other converter or comparable device with such a sophisticated, easy to use and at the same time versatile remote control!

SteadyClock FS
With SteadyClock FS the focus was put on reducing the self jitter of SteadyClock to new lows, by improving its second, analog PLL circuit, and referencing both Direct Digital Synthesis and PLL to a low phase noise quartz crystal. The self jitter measured through DA conversion now reaches levels that usually are only available in master quartz clock mode, while SteadyClock still always runs in PLL mode - no matter if internal or external clock, sound is exactly the same (again). The low phase noise oscillator driving the updated circuit reaches jitter specs lower than a picosecond (ps), an area called FemtoSecond. Hence SteadyClock FS.

Connectivity and Features
• RME USB 2.0
• 2 x Phones Output
• Class Compliant Mode
• 1 x Line Output
• 2 x SPDIF Input
• Remote included
• 1 x Stereo Chinch
• SteadyClock FS

Lock Range: 28 kHz - 200 kHz
Jitter suppression: > 50 dB (2.4 kHz)
Jitter when synced to input signal: < 1 ns
Accepts Consumer and Professional format
SPDIF Coaxial
1 x RCA, according to IEC 60958
High-sensitivity input stage ( < 0.3 Vpp)
AES/EBU compatible (AES3-1992)
SPDIF Optical
1 x optical, according to IEC 60958
ADAT compatible
Output level switchable +19 dBu, +13 dBu, +7 dBu, +1 dBu @ 0 dBFS
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +7/+13/+19 dBu: 120 dB RMS unweighted, 123 dBA
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +1 dBu: 117 dB RMS unweighted, 120 dBA
Frequency response @ 96 kHz, -0.5 dB: 0 Hz - 44.9 kHz
THD @ 0 dBFS: < -120 dB, 0.0001 %
THD+N @ 0 dBFS: -116 dB, 0.00016 %
Channel separation: > 120 dB
Output impedance: 200 Ohm balanced, 100 Ohm unbalanced
As output XLR:
Output: 6.3 mm TS jack, unbalanced
Output level 6 dB lower than XLR (-5 dBu to +13 dBu @ 0 dBFS)
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +13 dBu: 120 dB RMS unweighted, 123 dBA
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ -5 dBu: 112 dB RMS unweighted, 114 dBA
As Cinch:
Output: 6.3 mm TRS jack, unbalanced, stereo
Output impedance: 0.1 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +22 dBu: 120 dB RMS unweighted, 123 dBA
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ +7 dBu: 118 dB RMS unweighted, 121 dBA
Output level at 0 dBFS, High Power, load 100 Ohm or up: +22 dBu (10 V)
Output level at 0 dBFS, Low Power, load 8 Ohm or up: +7 dBu (1.73 V)
THD @ +18 dBu, 32 ohm load, 1.2 watts: -120 dB, 0.0001 %
THD+N @ + 18 dBu, 32 Ohm Load: -114 dB, 0.0002 %
THD @ +14 dBu, 16 Ohm load, 0.94 Watt: -110 dB, 0.0003 %
Max power @ 0.001% THD: 1.5 W per channel
As Phones:
Output level at 0 dBFS: -3 dBu, 0.55 V
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) @ -3 dBu: 118 dB RMS unweighted, 121 dBA
Max power, 8 Ohm, 0.001% THD: 40 mW per channel
Clocks: Internal, SPDIF In
Jitter suppression of external clocks: > 50 dB (2.4 kHz)
Effective clock jitter influence on DA conversion: near zero
PLL ensures zero dropout, even at more than 100 ns jitter
Additional Digital Bitclock PLL for trouble-free varispeed ADAT operation
Supported sample rates for external clocks: 28 kHz up to 200 kHz
Internally supported sample rates: 44.1 kHz up to 768 kHz
Included power supply: external switching PSU, 100 - 240 V AC, 2 A, 24 Watts
Standby power consumption: 120 mW (10 mA)
Idle power consumption: 7 Watts, Max. power consumption: 18 Watts
Idle current at 12 V: 570 mA (6.8 Watts)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 215 x 52 x 150 mm (8.5" x 2.05" x 5.9")
Weight: 1.0 kg ( 2.2 lbs)
Temperature range: +5⁰ up to +50⁰ Celsius (41⁰ F up to 122⁰F)
Relative humidity: < 75%, non condensing
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