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Schilke ST20 Large Bore Symphonic Tenor Trombone

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ST20 Large Bore Symphonic Tenor Trombone

Axial Flow The Schilke Axial Flow Valve with its stainless steel rotor permits an even feel and response throughout all registers, producing an instrument that closely mimics the feel of a straight tenor trombone. Unlike some other designs, the Schilke Axial Flow Valve is incredibly maintenance-free, requiring a service schedule on par with that of a standard rotor.

Hagmann Valve The Rene Hagmann Free Flow Valve offers a well-balanced flow in all registers as well as a homogenous feel and a great ease of playing the musician can immediately appreciate. With its open sound and short throw, the Hagmann valve is a great alternative to the player looking for a balance between the warm expansiveness of the Axial Flow and the tighter brilliance of the standard rotor.

Additionally, all Schilke valves come standard with a custom adjustable wood-grain thumb rest.

Schilke trombone bells are 8 " hand-hammered bells available in Yellow or Rose Brass. Generally, a Yellow Brass bell will provide a strong fundamental sound with clarity and consistent overtone structure throughout all dynamic levels. With its higher copper content, a Rose Brass bell will provide a warm, rich sound with a great freedom to color the sound.

Schilke ST20 hand slides are .547" large bore slides with chrome-plated inner tubes, yellow brass outer tubes, and nickel over sleeves. Our hand slides are available with a choice of two different end bow alloys (yellow brass or nickel) and bore sizes (tenor or bass crook). The yellow brass end bows offer a warm, centered sound, while the nickel end bows present a more brilliant and articulate sound. The tenor crook lends itself to a more focused sound, whereas the bass crook will offer a heavier, larger feel and sound. Three interchangeable brass leadpipes are also included:

1 Most compact sound, very clear articulation, most resistance

2 Standard leadpipe, more open sound than #1, more clear articulation than #3

3 Most open sound, somewhat more covered articulation, least resistance

Tuning Slides
There are four main tuning slide options available on Schilke trombones: Yellow Round, Rose Round, Yellow Square, and Rose Square. Square-shaped tuning slides will tend to play more compact and focused, while round tuning slides will play more freely and yield a somewhat wider sound. The choice of Yellow or Rose material will affect playing characteristics as well.

While the above information is a guideline, only you can determine which ST20 will suit your individual needs. Visit your nearest Schilke Authorized Dealer, contact us for availability, or make an appointment to visit the Schilke factory and test an ST20.
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