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Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Digital Delay + Reverb Pedal

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Dark Sun was crafted based on Mark Holcomb's favourite sounds from the Andromeda Dynamic Delay and the Silver Lake Dynamic Reverb. Dark Sun combines a warm and clean digital delay algorithm with a lush Hall reverb, and the ability to route the two in just about any configuration you could want. And, you can shape the EQ of the effect, add saturation, or lush choral modulation, or use Dynamic Expression to control the mix of the effect with your playing.

The 4-position routing control switch can create dramatically different sounds depending on how it's set. Running delay first means new reverberations are created with each repeat while putting reverb first will create a less natural and more dramatic repeat of the reverb trail. Setting Delay and Reverb to the left and right channels allows you to use Dark Sun's two effects in stereo or as two separate pedals in one.

A complement of filters, gain, and modulation round out the feature set. Applied only to the wet signal, they can totally re-shape the character of the effect. Use the Low Pass Filter to soften and warm up the sound, or the High Pass Filter to cut big low-end repeats.

Dark Sun has 4 tap divisions available - quarter notes, dotted eighths, eighths, and triplets. You can set the tempo via the tap footswitch, Time control, or MIDI and the time can be displayed in milliseconds or beats per minute. It is fully MIDI capable, and features a micro-USB port for firmware updates and preset management.
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Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Delay + Reverb