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Elektron Digitone Keys 37-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synth

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Unlock Your Sweet Dreams

This eight voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard is a performance machine that can usher in soundscapes of distant dreams and worlds previously out of reach. The 37-key velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard with aftertouch gives you a whole new level of expression and control of the Digitones intuitive sound engine.
Imagine the sound of whispering dunes, rolling thunder, or the twinkle of distant stars. These are the things that dreams are made of.

Restrictions are for the Dreamless
With this ready-to-go performance machine, curiosity is all you need. Wield the Digitone's powerful sound engine with even more control with intuitive sound crafting, 37 keys, 8 voice polyphony, mod and pitch wheels, dedicated outputs per track, and brand new customizable controls. Multimap lets you configure and assign individual sounds per region, triggering sounds or patterns with the tap of a key, while the ability to use portamento and arpeggio flourishes with the freedom of three octaves. Twist through the looking glass and back with the flick of a wrist.

Sculpt Your Sound
With the Digitone's powerful and easy to use FM engine you have Digitone dynamism in keyboard form. A variety of dedicated features put the power at your fingertips. Get maximum control out of the machine with eight new assignable knobs. Choose the function you want for each knob to tailor your Digitone Keys, and then let loose. The freedom to switch between tempestuous and serene soundscapes in an instant is laid out in front of you. In an Elektron first, the Digitone Keys helps you liberate your live show with a flexible mod and pitch wheel setup, allowing you to warp your sound to another world with multiple modulations.

Get Connected
With separate outputs for each track, connecting to external effects mixers and pedals, audio interfaces, and modulation sources is easier than ever before. Pinpoint single Digitone Keys tracks to process independently from the rest of your sound.

Factory Presets
The Digitone Keys arrives loaded with a raft of top grade factory content to get you started. You'll find 256 varied sounds right out of the box, plus a free Sound Pack with another 256, with Blush Response, Jogging House, Djedjotronic, Tom Furse, Skinnerbox, Floppydisk Pirates, the Elektron staff and many more supplying all manner of options to fashion your soundscapes.

• 8 voice polyphony (4-part multitimbral)
• Multiple FM algorithms
• Multiple operator harmonics
• 1 multimode filter per voice
• 1 base-width filter per voice
• 1 overdrive per voice
• 2 assignable LFO per voice
• Unison
• Portamento
• 2048 patch storage capacity on the +Drive

• 4 synth tracks
• 4 MIDI tracks
• Arpeggiator per synth track
• Polyphonic sequencing
• Individual track lengths
• Parameter locks
• Micro timing
• Trig conditions
• Sound per step change
• 128 projects on the +Drive
• 8 Banks 16 patterns per project
Send & Master Effects
• Panoramic Chorus send effect
• Saturator Delay send effect
• Supervoid Reverb send effect
• Overdrive master effect
• 37-key semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch
• Assignable pitch and modulation wheels
• 8 user assignable rotary encoders
• 2 1/4" impedance balanced main out jacks
• 8 1/4" impedance balanced track out jacks
• 1 1/4" stereo headphone jack
• 2 1/4" audio in jacks
• 2 1/4" CV/Expression/Sustain jacks
• 128 64 pixel OLED screen
• 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
• Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
• MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out
Physical Specifications
Sturdy steel casing
Dimensions: 868 185 90 mm / 34.17" x 7.3" x 3.5"
Weight: ~6 kg / 13.2 lb
• Dedicated MIDI controller mode
• Overbridge enabled
Included in the Box
• Power Supply PSU-3b
• Elektron USB cable
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Sale Price: $1199.00
Store Special Product - ATTIC KEYS - Digitone-Keys 37-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synth
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Store Special Product - ATTIC KEYS - Digitone-Keys 37-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synth Store Special Product - ATTIC KEYS - Digitone-Keys 37-Key 8-Voice Polyphonic Synth