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Schoeps MK41 Supercardioid Condenser Capsule Microphone Pair

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MK 41 (PAIR)


The MK 41 effectively attenuates diffuse sound energy and produces a clear, "dry" sound pickup.

Its polar pattern is exceptionally frequency-independent: sounds from the side and back are strongly attenuated, but picked up without false coloration. This feature has made the MK 41 an international standard for indoor film sound.

The susceptibility of the MK 41 to acoustic feedback is lower than with any other SCHOEPS capsule type, provided that no loudspeaker radiates directly from the rear. The sensitivity minimum of the supercardioid occurs at approximately a 125 degree angle of incidence.

The directional effect is independent of frequency, so that off-axis and diffuse sound are picked up free of false coloration, thus sounding natural. That is a real advantage over shotgun microphones, which have appreciably greater directivity only at higher frequencies, and frequency response (and thus sound quality) that depends on the direction of sound incidence.

Thus for many situations the MK 41 offers an interesting alternative to a shotgun microphone, even if its small dimensions do not appear to suggest high directivity. As a capsule without an interference tube in front of it, the MK 41 can also be placed closer to the sound source.

• Supercardioid directional pattern
• High directivity, at low and medium frequencies comparable to that of a shotgun microphone
• Natural sound due to flat frequency response which remains largely the same for all directions of pickup. This is particularly important for indoor recording
• Preferred uses: recording dialogue for film sound; as a spot microphone in the orchestra and on the opera stage
• Pair of two microphones

Pickup pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency range:
• 40 Hz - 26 kHz with CMC 6 / CMR
• 40 Hz - 41 kHz with CMC 6xt
Sensitivity: -36 dB (V/Pa), 16 mV/Pa with CMC 6
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted): 14 dB with CMC 6
Equivalent noise level (CCIR): 23 dB with CMC 6
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): 80 dB with CMC 6
Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %): 131 dB-SPL with CMC 6
Length: 22 mm (.87")
Diameter: 20 mm (.79")
Weight: 17 g
Surface finish: Matte gray
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