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Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage 20-Watt 1x10'' Tube Combo Amp

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The SV20C combines the raw power of the 1959SLP and authentic voice of classic rock in a new portable style. The amp that first defined rock 'n' roll in the 60s has been revised for the present day, while remaining faithful to the original with its Plexi design and all-valve tone. Still considered a classic by scores of legendary guitarists, the SV20C lets you play like your heroes on stage, in the studio and at home.


Output wattage: 20W (with power reduction option to 5W)
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" jack speaker, selectable 16Ω / 8Ω / 4Ω load
Inputs: 4 (2 x high, 2 x low) "Lead and Bass"
Controls: Low/High power mode selection switch, presence, bass, middle, treble, high treble/loudness I, normal/loudness II
Effects: None
Effects loop: Yes, series, send/return

Speaker configuration: 1x10"
Speaker model: Celestion V-type 10 (16Ω, 50W)
Unit impedance: 16Ω

Preamp valves: 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter)
Power amp valves: 2 x EL34

Detachable power cable included

Weight: 15.9kg / 35 lbs
Width: 500mm / 19.7"
Height: 460mm / 18.1"
Depth: 245mm / 9.6"

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I will say these are amazing sounding amps. I had issues with the combo version, more specifically using as a cabinet. Brand new it's exactly what I wanted. As time went on I believe a design flawed showed through. The tubes are mounted horizontally directly above the speaker, and when the amp gets hot and rolling I believe the speaker rattles the tubes. It started as a slight hiss overtone when sustaining notes or chords that would resolve before the note decayed, almost a nasty fake overdrive sound layered over, especially on either "2" channel as they are the more bassy channels. Very, very subtle at first and I only noticed it when I mic'd the cab, and thought it was a recording flaw as I could only really tell on playback through headphones, and really only when holding a heavy note/chord for a couple beats or more. As time went on it started to come through the speaker noticeably at living room levels but not at jam levels as it was too subtle to notice over the mix. Took it in for service and one of the tubes was going, not out of the ordinary as tubes can go after 10 days or 10 years there's no way of knowing for sure and that's an accepted part of owning a tube amp. L&M replaced the tube no questions asked as it was only 2 months old, it resolved for a couple weeks then the issue came back even worse. Took it in again and we switched all the tubes with new matched sets, again amazing service from L&M no questions asked, all new amp warranty work (tubes and speakers are covered for 90 days I believe it is) and within an hour of playing it was so bad it was basically unplayable. Please note that when put through an extension cabinet, I tried mine and a friend's 1960, absolutely no problems whatsoever. After the full tube replacement I didn't try the 1960 again due to frustration as I bought the amp specifically for the combo convenience for (home) studio or small venues. Don't let this dissuade you from trying or buying this amp, it could be I got a lemon, it just seems to me to be an unstable design that may be an issue long term. I have been playing for about 10 years through types of every amp brand on the market including Marshall, this is the first time I've seen tubes mounted that way and also the first time I've ever heard that sound issue, my Fender combo amp is 10 yrs old and my H&K head is about 1 1/2 and have played through many other tube amps, you don't know amp love until you've played tube amps. Can't stress enough that I love the amp they absolutely nailed the circuit but the combo left me very upset, please make sure you have a good ear for tube amps and get the extra extended warranty just in case, but it may be worth the extra investment to go the head and extension cab route as I have now done. 1000 thank you messages to L&M for everything done to make this right, truly amazing feeling to know your staff cares so much and took the time to hear me out as first time in with the amp it was hard to reproduce the issue until the amp really warmed up and I kinda felt like a crazy person until that a-ha, there it is moment was confirmed.
Posted by Paul on Sep 27, 2019
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