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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 DJ Controller

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4-Channel DJ System with motorized Haptic Drive jog wheels. Full feedback and flexibility, pro audio interface, and more.

  • Mix your own way with versatile motorized jog wheels that transmit cue points and more direct to your fingertips

  • Intuitive visual feedback from RGB LED rings and high-res colour displays

  • Integrated pro-grade audio interface with external inputs on each channel, headphone outs, mic inputs, and DVS support

  • Seamless integration with included TRAKTOR PRO 3 software

Get Closer to Your Music
TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 lets you connect with your tracks in entirely new ways: Not only do its motorized jog wheels spin and react to nudging, scratching, pitch-fading, and backspins, they transmit cue points, loop markers, and more direct to your fingertips. And with RGB LED rings and high-res colour displays keeping all the info you need front and center in the booth, everything you need is right where you need it so you're free to focus on your mix.

A New Club Classic
For years, the KONTROL S4 has brought TRAKTOR's club heritage wherever DJs want. The latest generation goes one step further, combining a tried and tested workflow with new, innovative ways to mix on four decks Haptic Drive(TM) jog wheels, Mixer FX, and more bring you even closer to the crowd and your music.

TRAKTOR PRO 3 INCLUDED - Start spinning straight away on the full version of Native Instruments' flagship DJ software, as used on the world's largest stages. Find intuitive professional tools that quickly help you define your style.

FOUR DECKS - Mix tracks, live inputs, Remix decks, Stems, and loops on up to four decks to create a unique sound.

TEMPO SYNC - Automatic beatgrids and beat matching keep everything in sync, giving you more time to get creative in your mix.

CUEING - Jump between breaks and drops, or mix in a track from exactly where you want.

LOOPING - Trigger loops for extended mixes, track manipulation, and re-edits.

FLUX MODE - Get confident with chops, stops, and backspins without losing your position on a track.

FX SUITE - From sweeping filters to dubbed-out delays: build atmosphere with over 40 beat-synced effects in endless combinations.

MIXER FX - Easily create huge drops, dramatic buildups, and smooth transitions with dedicated one-knob FX.

CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUT - See only the tools you need for your own DJ style with a flexible user interface.

What's New in Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3?

REINVENTED JOG WHEELS - We've re-envisioned what jog wheels can do, and what you can do with them. They're now motorized, and provide you with haptic feedback. It's a new way of connecting with your tracks in three different modes.

CLUB-STANDARD LAYOUT - New all-hands-on deck design, including 16 RGB pads for Hotcues and samples, and new Mixer FX. Keep track of transport information, Stems, and Remix decks, with two high-res screens.

THREE MODES: MIX WITH MORE - Spinning jog wheels in Turntable Mode let you nudge and scratch like you would with vinyl. Or use classic Jog Mode for spin-to-nudge response. Because you feel loops and cue points as you scroll past them, you can line up tracks in a second and let your fingers do the mixing. Beatgrid Adjust Mode lets you adjust the track's beatgrid on the fly, so you're always in sync.

TRAKTOR PRO 3 - Includes the best version of Native Instruments' flagship DJ software yet. With an improved audio engine, a brand new user interface that makes things easier to see in the club, one-touch Mixer FX, and loads more.

VISUAL DECK FEEDBACK - You can instantly see which deck you're on when playing across four channels, with colour-coded light rings and deck buttons. Visualization of track tempo, play mode, and nudging makes your mixing plain to see.

Fisher Price could do a better job building this thing27 of 34 customers found this review helpful

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First off, i've been a Traktor user for quite some time now and really love the products. Especially the software. I've never really gotten into too many of their hardware products because a set of X1's was all I needed but decided to invest in an all in one solution for my mobile rig. I do weddings and corporate events. First off let me say that the software upgrade is nice and sleek. Layout is much nicer and is much more eye appealing then any other DVS sofrware on the market. Traktor Pro 3 is worth the upgrade. Now onto the hardware......first impressions from the images I saw upon release date was that it was a fresh take and a much more cleaner layout. I liked the standard play and cue set up now and how they changed the remix pads. The LED screen is nice although quite small for some data. Only really good for basic information like pitch and tempo information and loop length selection where the numbers are readable. Wave form display looks cramped and an ok indicator for some genres but not really necessary when you have a laptop infront of you. Build quality....... let's just say that saying i'm disappointed in the build quality would be an understatement. For $1299 plus tax I would have expected a piece of kit that felt like it was made with $1299 worth of quality materials but NI have built a cheap, Chinese (yes they are made in China), plastic S4 with corners cut on every dial, knob, and button just to squeeze as much cash out of this thing as possible. The only quality parts are the platters and the cue/play button. The rest? Well lets just say i'll be surprised if this thing lasts the next month. I've already broken the bass eq pot on channel three. Twisted right off and broke the plastic stem that holds the cap. They are all plastic pots. Terrible for the DJ who likes to work four decks and eq/mix. The resistance is all over the place and there is zero consistency. The faders feel like absolute garbage. the casing is very flimsy too. I don't like a controller that I can feel bending just from gripping the thing. I'm really disappointed in this purchase and feel that NI could have done a much better job on one of their flagship controllers. Especially when you are dropping $1299!!!! It's insane..... This does not feel like a "flagship" controller. It feels like a beginners toy. it really sucks to see a company steer away from their roots and I think NI had some really great products in the past. Why they cheap'd out on this one though is beyond me. Oh capitalism....
Posted by Ricardo on Dec 14, 2018
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