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Bitwig Studio 3 - Download

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Studio 3 standard download version includes 12 months of free upgrades. Bitwig Studio, the next generation music creation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

WHAT'S NEW in Bitwig Studio 3, including new worlds of modular expression:

The Grid, a modular sound design environment sporting 154 modules and lightning-fast workflows
Poly Grid device: for creating synthesizers, sequenced patches, and more
FX Grid device: for creating audio FX with optional voice stacking
Automatic Project Backups, each time you re-save a project
Realtime Ruler, showing timelines in minutes and seconds
Ableton LINK version 3, supporting start/stop synchronization
Global GUI Contrast settings, making the interface pop on any monitor
Redesigned Instrument Inspector, offering polyphony, two mono voice modes, and more
VU Meters in Routing Choosers, showing the signal you are looking for
Reworked audio backends, sporting timing improvements on all platforms


Discover Bitwig Studio, the innovative music creation and performance software for all major platforms. Experience seamless integration of linear timeline sequencing together with nonlinear, performance-oriented clip launching, and an intuitive user interface that adapts to each step of your work flow. Bitwig Studio is the single solution for realizing any musical idea across every stage of production.

Includes over 100 devices, such as a suite of instruments and audio effects, as well as container devices, note effects and modulators. Enjoy a sound content library consisting of over 2,000 presets and 10GB+ of sound content: drums, lead and bass sounds, multi-sampled instruments, loops, sound effects and much more.

Includes 12 months of free upgrades: perpetual license with 12 months of free updates and upgrades upon registration.


• Native cross-platform DAW (Windows, macOS, Linux)
• Intuitive nonlinear sequencing for the studio world and beyond
• Modular device structure with sophisticated nesting and routing
• Multi-touch support for Windows and Linux, with a dedicated Tablet display profile
• Full multicore and multiprocessor support
• VST and VST3 support with built-in 32-/64-bit bridging, plug-in crash protection, delay compensation, and flexible multi-out and sidechain capabilities
• Multi-display support for up to three displays
• Unified Modulation System: Use Macro controls, LFOs, envelopes and other creative tools to modulate any device, VST plug-in, or hardware parameter
• Advanced Layered Editing modes
• Support for various MIDI controllers out of the box, with native MPE support for next generation controllers
• Open Controller API: Create and customize functionality for any MIDI controller, with scripting access to nearly every feature of Bitwig Studio
• Bounce and Bounce in Place for Clips or time selection
• Context-based Pop-up Browser, with support for selected VST preset formats
• Extensive hardware integration with MIDI sync, MIDI Time Code, as well as analog Gate, CV and Clock out
• File import: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, and MIDI


Instruments​ ​(11 devices in total)
• Drum Machine​: The beating heart of your drum chains
• Phase-4​: Powerful 4-oscillator phase manipulation synthesizer
• Polysynth​: Great sounding subtractive synthesizer
• Sampler​: Advanced sample workstation
• And many more...

Audio FX (37 devices)
• Amp​: Flexible amplifier simulator with plenty of dirt
• Blur​: Reverberation with a twist
• Delay-4​: Advanced delay with interconnected feedback loops
• Dynamics​: A classic compressor and limiter, with side-chain capabilities
• EQ-5​: Five band equalizer, with a built-in spectrum analyzer
• Reverb​: Our excellent reverb allows for sophisticated control over size and character
• And many more...

Note FX (11 devices)
• Arpeggiator​: Fast and powerful arpeggiator
• Multi-Note​: Chord generator
• Note Echo​: Creative sound design tool
• And many more...

Container & Router Devices (15 devices)
• Audio Receiver & Note Receiver​: Send any audio or notes anywhere across your project
• Instrument & FX Layer​: Layer unlimited instrument or audio FX chains and mix between them
• XY Instrument & XY FX​: Morph between device chains using an XY pad
• And many more...

Hardware Devices (8 devices)
• HW CV Instrument​: Control analog hardware via CV and Gate through the audio outputs on your audio interface
• HW Instrument​: Send notes, MIDI clock to your hardware via MIDI, includes an automatic latency check
• MIDI CC​: Enjoy full control over your hardware's parameters via CC
• And many more

Modulators (32 in total)
• 4-Stage​: An advanced envelope in four stages
• Classic LFO
• Random
• Steps​: Analog style step sequencer
• And many more...

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