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Rogers Dynasonic 6.5x14'' Snare in Gloss Black

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This is the drum that "couldn't be built". This is the drum that solved a problem that "couldn't be solved". Before Dyna-Sonic, you tightened the snares, and the snares choked the head. Dyna-Sonic changes all that. Because your snares ride on an exclusive floating snare frame, they ride with the snare head, never dampen it. There's no choking. There's never and snare slap.

The Dyna-Sonic snare frame is made of cast steel and comes complete with snare wire mounted. The single tension screw located at the end of the frame gives one-point uniformed tensioning with simple hand adjustment. Set it, and it remains in the desired position.

The DYNA-SONIC Difference

• Pinpoint Definition - You hear the result of each stroke, even at full power always without distortion.

• Choke-Free Sound - Always clear and crisp, never mushy.

• Faster Stick Rebound - You get added speed and better feel with half the effort. Your drum head feels solid, never soft.

• Full Dynamic Range - Everywhere on the head. There are no dead spots, even at the edges.

• The Sound - This drum has true musical sound. The tone quality is built in by the unique combination of the floating snares, head, and custom shell.

• Simplest Adjustment - Of any drum, a single tension screw gives you one-point uniform tensioning. Set it, and forget it.
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